Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes Ideas and Images

Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes – Sweet 16 birthday cakes should be elegant and interesting with its design based on the interest of his/her. As the focal part in every birthday celebration, the best cake is a must that you should prepare very well. The cake is selected based on the design of party, based on the interest of his/her, also based on the age. Based on gender, the cake decoration also will be different. Here are several easy but important sweet 16 birthday cake ideas.

Sweet 16 Birthday Cake Ideas

For girls and for boys, sweet 16 birthday cakes will be little bit different. As you have known previously that girls usually select birthday cake with feminine look with pink as its popular color option. 16th birthday party ideas for girls could be in a form of shoes or bags, or their favorite cosmetic item. 16th birthday cakes for boys will be simpler and it will be all about sport, music or gadget style.

Unique Birthday Cakes

Select different and unique sweet 16 birthday cakes. You need to start thinking from the size and style. Unique birthday cakes will be the options that people love so much. You need to mix and match sweet sixteen party ideas with the coolest cake design. Sweet 16 Cakes for Girls and boys photos are below in our photo gallery and we hope it will be lots inspiring.