Most Popular First Birthday Cake Ideas

First Birthday Cake Ideas – First birthday cake ideas will be explained right here and we hope it will give you very good ideas about best cake for first birthday. You should consider well for having the awesome cake decoration especially for kids. You as the parent also can be included to his/her birthday celebration and be thankful to god for his/her birth to this world. Make a cool party also with cool homemade first birthday cake ideas.

Baby First Birthday Cake Ideas

First birthday cake ideas for boys and girls will be different. Here are the ideas we are going to explain to you and we hope it will be lots inspiring. 1st birthday cake for girls should be cute and sweet in the form of sheet cake, layered cake, cupcake or other cute cake decoration. Baby first birthday cake ideas especially for girls will be dominant with pink as its color combined with white. The accents are usually flower, butterfly, ribbon, and other girly characters.

First Birthday Cake Ideas Boy

For boys, first birthday cake ideas will be something that looks boyish. The boys interest like vehicle, superhero character, balls, or with simple cake with blue and white as dominant color will be very cool. First birthday cake ideas boy is usually with blue color and it looks cool. You can consider for having the homemade first birthday cake ideas, get the recipe and try decorate the cake by yourself.